Thawing out thoughts


Step 1 – escape

I took off this morning with no clue about where I might end up. It’s something I have been trying to do for a few weeks now. Every time I made my unannounced plan, something came up. This week I told my wife that I am planning to hop on the scooter Saturday morning with no specific destination or direction in mind. Step 1 – success – to semi-spontaneously plan and unplanned get away. Yeah ME!

Step 2 – just ride

I love the sound of my Street Bob. The throaty, load pipes transferring the raw end-of-shift frustrations caged up in my head, flowing down my arm to the throttle and spitting the thoughts out behind me. The wind pushing me back into the saddle and the gas gauge showing miles I’m not tracking. Eventually, I find myself totally immersed in the moment, no distractions, just attention to my surroundings as the road trudges by. Step 2 – not to brag but, success!

Step 3 – coffee

Well… not just coffee. Coffee, donuts, quiet place to sit and write. The Black Diamond Bakery has been here for as long as I can remember. We used to come back from bike rides, kayaking or on our way home from fishing when I was a little kid. It used to be a small shack . It has grown into quite the place. My fondest memories of here are coming out here and getting what ever the hottest and freshest bread were. The Crystal Mountain was my favorite. A round loaf, fresh, hot and smothered in butter.

Today, I snagged a fresh hot loaf of cinnamon raisin bread for my family and a plain and a frosted doughnut. Man, they are so good! Step 3 – another notch in the success belt.

Step 4 – write a bit

For what it’s worth, getting back to this blog has been a goal for over a year. Putting thoughts on paper is a challenge. My hope is that I get to spend a few Saturdays this summer out and about my “pen”- a keyboard, and “paper” – an old chromebook that barely fits into my scooters bags, and post some content.

Step 4 – success for today!

Step 5 – commitment

My goal is to get out every Saturday to ride, have some coffee, visit with people I have been trying to meet, and write.

Success! Just for today, I have achieved the goals I chose for today.

Thank you!