Throttle Therapy – 02022020

The weather has turned the Street Bob into a garage queen. If I would have known the last ride in October was going to be the last ride of the year, I would have spent a lot more time in the saddle. It seems that I have this issue every year. Life goes on. Let the winter work begin.

There are always things to be done on the scooter. This year it’s new bags, risers and grips. I have to fix a few electrical issues. First, the Bad Boy horn isn’t working. I can hear the relay kick but the horn is a no go. Just need to sit and do some basic troubleshooting and it should be good to toot.

Second, I’ve had a set of Viking Bags that are finally ready to be added. It’s time for an upgrade and these will definitely be nice. I picked up a Quick Disconnect system that will make installation a lot easier.

Third and fourth, I picked up a pair of knock off quarter-turn throttle and brake grips off eBay.  Since I’ll be messing around with the handlebars, I’ll install a set of used 2″ straight risers to bring my hands and elbows up for comfort in the wind. It’s an experiment that I will report on later.

My hope is to be riding full time again by mid or end of February.  In 2019, I was back on the road on March 16. There was still snow and ice in places. It’s a risk and reward thing. For me, life is better when I’m on two wheels.