She grew so fast…

Holding her seconds after Sam was born. Sour little face all upset at the world. I tucked the blanket around her and held her like the precious person she was. Changing her diapers, feeding her food.

She’s doing the ‘wobble, step, wobble, step’ now. She laughs and laughs and grins.

She hops on her big wheel and rolls it around the back yard.

Next day she wants something out of the ‘fridgifator.’

We are walking around Albertsons and she hears a fire truck siren. She trundles down the aisle and yelling, “Daddy, Daddy! It’s a firefuck! Do you hear the firefuck?” I smile and say, “Yes Sammy, I hear the firefuck!”

The first skinned knee, the boo boo kisses.
New paint for the babies room.

Holding her hand before she gets on the school bus for the first day of kindergarten. The tears as she gets on the bus. ¬†Screaming “Daddy!” when she comes home. Showing me all the paintings, drawings and teaching me the alphabet.

Her best friend moves.

New friends and bullying. We try and talk but she is embarrassed and I am angry.

She calls me Dad now. No more hand holding. She’s growing faster than I thought possible. ¬†She hangs out more with her mom. I feel jealous.

She starts high school. Doesn’t want me to walk with her to the bus anymore. Wants to hang out with friends, do the parties.

She gets bullied more now. Kids are tough, but this really hurts her. She wont talk about it with me. Only her mom. At least she is talking.

She wants to drive, go to Prom, senior cruise, camp outs. She’s not talking to either of us any more. We are just her parents.

She’s living in Oregon now. Helping her grandma. We text, we laugh. I’m just Dad now.

She has grown so fast. My baby has grown so fast.